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To find an Enrolled Agent (EA) close to you, you should:
  1. Click on our Enrolled Agent search page.
  2. Input your Zipcode/State/City and press the search tab. Viola!.

An IRS Enrolled Agent list will pop up using these two quick steps. Each EA has a unique profile where you can find their details, including their contact information, area of expertise, and ratings.

On getting the Enrolled Agents list close to you, you can then find the specific Enrolled Agent you need by using the tips below:

  1. Know their expertise: Each EA has his area of strength, usually their area of specialization. Check out the type of service(s) the prospect offers and have a detailed discussion on the kind of service(s) you would need. This discussion will let you in on the services provided by the tax expert. It will let you know if the candidate is best suited to handle your tax matters, or you may have to hire someone else. Knowing a tax professional's area of expertise is a critical criterion since each business and individual is distinct and requires a tailored approach to tax preparation, filing, and representation.
  2. Consider the level of experience: Before eventually settling for a particular EA, you should ask for years of practice. The longer an EA has spent working on tax returns, the higher the chances the tax professional must have dealt with a similar tax case as yours.
  3. Compare fees: Upon knowing their expertise and level of experience, you can select the potential EAs you feel can handle the tax service(s) you need. Then sample a few of them to know the average fee you are to pay. With this, you can choose the most suitable EA to represent you based on the price both of you agree on.

If you are still unable to find an IRS Enrolled Agent, you should:

  1. Check the spelling of the name.
  2. Check that you entered the correct zip code.

An EA may lose their Enrolled Agent license and thus be excluded from our IRS tax preparer lookup if they do not:

  1. Complete 72 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every three years (this includes two hours of ethics or professional conduct in each of the three years)
  2. Renew the PTIN annually.

You can look up IRS Enrolled Agents using our IRS Enrolled Agent search page. Before you choose a particular Enrolled Agent for your precise tax services, you should consider factors such as specialty, level of experience of the EA, and the fees.

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